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At Kiambram we share our desire for guests to relax, connect and rejuvenate -
celebrating and respecting the important things in life.

We have been here for 35 years because we enjoy the relaxed country lifestyle of being close to nature and able to just 'be'. Hopefully too Kiambram is an easy space for guests to reconnect with each other, connect with nature, the land and 60,000 years of culture. We have pledged to live lightly on this country and draw on wisdoms past to help us on this journey. 30 years of land regeneration have enabled our fledgling Bush Tucker Trail for guests to wander and compliments the cultural awareness experience of nearby Gummingurru Bora Grounds. Ancestral ties to Ugarapul Country eastward from Toowoomba have sparked more than an ecological interest in our fauna, flora and looking after our country. We hope to continue to grow and share knowledge promoting health, understanding and goodwill in the community and for the planet. We are priveleged to have been accepted as a Supply Nation registered business and hope to incorporate ROC (Respecting Our Culture) certification into our Eco Tourism accreditation.

Native Wombat Berry Bushtucker at Kiambram Country Cottages


Aboriginal groups hunted and gathered food and materials sustainably for over 60,000 years before European colonisation. European settlers needed food, building materials and medicines so experimented with plants similar to ones they knew and others they saw being used by local people. First Nation Australians and Europeans came from very different cultures and environments; they had different beliefs and understandings about food, health, sickness, lifestyles and seasons. Today we can learn from both Western European and Indigenous cultures to look to a future that values our local plants which along with balanced soils underpin a healthy  productive environment. Toowoomba has a wonderful and giving network of  elders, professionals, educators and citizen scientists contributing to the work of saving and rejuvenating the local fauna and flora story. Below are some information documents of interest for download showing some of our own Bush Tucker trail plant information and also a more general list of plants and indigenous uses with examples of where some can be found in the Toowoomba region. 

Native Peanut Bushtucker at Kiambram Country Cottages
Native Raspberry Bushtucker at Kiambram Country Cottages
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